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Magazine Articles


Ken Kirkby has been featured in:

  • Steiner, Lorie Lee: Arabella Canadian Art Architecture & Design, vol 10 issue 2, p. 120 - 139
  • Pederson, Susan: “Broad Strokes”, Oasis Magazine, vol 2014, p. 19
  • Shpeley, Trevor: “BC Outdoors: “Ken Kirkby Painter, Fisherman, Environmentalist, Canadian.” 2012 p. 43 - 46
  • Dalziel, Frank: “An RBC Blue Water Project: Nile Creek/Qualicum Bay - Year One”, Fly Fusion Magazine
  • Sampson, Diane: “ Eelgrass Habitat”, Beacon
  • Howell, Thora: “Ken Kirkby: A Painter’s Quest For Canada”, Homes & Living
  • TUC Staff: “Nile Creek Project Receives RBC Blue Water Leadership Grant”, Fly Fisher Magazine
  • Gauthier, Stan: “Inspiration in the north breeds vision in the south”, Island Arts Magazine
  • Schafer, Susan: “Feature artist: Getting to Know Ken Kirkby”, Island Arts Magazine
  • Comox Valley Living
  • Canadian Geographic June 2007
  • Magazin’ Art
  • Correio Português
  • Tuttoturismo
  • Art Impressions
  • Canadian Parliamentary Review
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